Don’t Question The Deaths Of Nollywood Stars-Rita Edochie

Rita Edochie, a veteran actress in Nollywood, has urged Nigerians to cease questioning the deaths of Nollywood movie stars, arguing that death is simply an inevitable and unpleasant call from nature.

The well-known actress scowled at inquiries like “What is happening in Nollywood?” on her Instagram feed, @ritaedochie. claimed that “death knocks at everyone’s door, not just actors alone” and that death is imminent.

She asserted that “celebrities are human too; they die in the same ways as other people from different walks of life.”

She also mentioned how news of a celebrity’s passing often elicits strong emotions in the public, both favorable and bad, because of their notoriety and the contributions they have made to the entertainment business.

Why are the deaths of filmmakers considered so unique when teachers, medical professionals, lawyers, company owners, and even pastors can also pass away?

“People frequently ask things like, ‘What’s going on in Nollywood? Especially in Nigeria. Why are actors passing away? Something has gone awry: what exactly went wrong?

“Are actors not also people? Since death is merely a displeasing cry of nature, please, questions like these should cease to be asked.

The actress, who is in mourning for Nollywood icon Muonagor, who passed away on Sunday, March 24, at the age of 62, following a protracted illness, stated that although the seasoned actor did his best to live, nothing could stop him when it was time for him to pass away.

“Amaechi’s death has left an irreplaceable void in the midst of my family and me.

“You were not just a brother and a coworker; you were a lighthouse, brightening our days with your contagious laugh and steadfast kindness. We recall the innumerable times we spent together and the lessons we gained from your wisdom.

“We were all inspired by your commitment to your profession and your unflinching attitude in the face of difficulty.

“We celebrate the wonderful life you led and the lasting impression you made on our hearts, even as we grieve your death.

“Rest in peace, my brother and friend, knowing that we shall be inspired and encouraged by your legacy in the days to come.

“May Chief Amaechi Muonagor, my beloved brother, friend, and coworker, rest in peace. She added, “May God Almighty give the family you left behind the strength to bear the loss, Amen.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) remembers that a few days prior, the Nollywood actress had asked for financial assistance for the deceased star. (NAN)


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