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No Special Funds for Community Policing

No Special Funds for Community Policing

The Nigeria police says there will be no salary for the special constables that will serve as community police.

According to police spokesman, Frank Mba, only employed persons will be absorbed into the service.

He added that they will be volunteers who will be given stipends, but not paid salaries.

He said the decision to pay allowances is informed by the fact that the police is trying to build patriotism among Nigerians.

According to him, the engagement of special constabularies for local policing is not new to the law, and the inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu is only reviving an abandoned part of the police act.

The inspector-general of police had in May last year said President Muhammadu Buhari directed him to commence the implementation of community policing strategy across the country.

He said the volunteers will engage in carrying out low-risk duties, while conventional police officers can maximise their resources and time for more tedious jobs.

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