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Senator, Experts Call for Strategic Steps to End Proliferation and Consumption of Fake Drugs

Senator, Experts Call for Strategic Steps to End Proliferation and Consumption of Fake Drugs

The proliferation of fake drugs in Nigeria has without an iota of doubt affected the credibility of the Healthcare system, especially with its harmful effects on consumers.

Some of the incidences have resulted in deaths, even among children because most times, the consumers are not aware about the genuineness of the quality of what they consume.

In the report, Oluwaseun Oyebade takes a look into how the menace of fake drugs can be curbed.

Everyday children, pregnant women, elders as well as able bodied men and women die due to lack of access to safe medicines, making it a public health concern.

According to the World Health Organisation, one in 10 drugs sold in Africa is falsified or substandard.

These drugs include the ones that can kill while some of these medicines contain little or no active ingredients, hence prolonging illness.

Lending his voice to how the menace can be curbed, the chairman senate Committee on communicable diseases, Arukwe Ohabunwa acknowledged how fake drugs have negatively affected the health of Nigerians, especially with the aid of some unscrupulous elements.

Ohabunwa nevertheless said strategic efforts are being put in place by law makers in consonance with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to end the menace.

In the same vein, the Oyo State Commissioner for Health, Azeez Adeduntan said the state has drastically checked the activities of quacks in the past one year.

Adeduntan therefore advised the incoming government to follow through with the effort of the present administration by making sure that medical practice in the state has the authentication of the Ministry of Health before people access it.

On his own part, a medical practitioner, Kayode Ogunkunle acknowledged the efforts of the government in ensuring that drugs can be confirmed to be authentic or not through a scratch panel that is on the label of drugs.

He however charged Nigerians to desist from patronizing drug hawkers and buy from certified pharmaceutical stores.

It is therefore imperative for Nigerians irrespective of their social status to join forces together in eradicating fake drugs in the interest of the health of Nigerians.

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